Willow Creek welcomes new members at any time of the year. The annual membership period is from March 1st, to February 28th of the following year. New memberships will be prorated by month,  based on when the application for membership had been accepted and approved by the Board of Directors. The club also offers Corporate Memberships. Please click on the link and we can tell you much more about this opportunity (WC Corporate Memberships.)

PLEASE NOTE: All golfers must report to the clubhouse prior to starting play and sign in.  This includes walkers and Gold Card members.  Thank you!


 Willow creek is the only full length nine hole course in the Roanoke Valley. The layout makes it easy to walk and to follow when driving.

The club does not require tee times.  All play is on a first come first service basis.  A few exceptions may be with large groups planned or organized events.

We maintain a steady fee schedule, and throw in specials from time to time. Everyone benefits, not just a few.

The course has made a significant revival in the past several years, and we have added more tee areas to play from.  More things are being planned for the next couple of years. This will further improve the variety of play on the course.

The greens are the pride and joy of the club. They certainly match up to other high end courses in the area.

 if you only have time to play nine, just come on down, it’s built that way!

You may apply in person at Willow Creek, call the clubhouse (540-483-0797), and we will e-mail an application to you or you may view and print an application HERE.  Payment must be returned with application.



A. You only pay the MEMBER RATE for CART FEES for each round of golf (except club hosted or outside agency tournaments).

B. You do not pay any GREEN FEES. This is a great advantage for golfers that play multiple times each week!

C. You receive a 10% DISCOUNT on all golf merchandise sold in our Pro-Shop. (merchandise does not include food or drink)

D. Participation in club tournaments, open to non-members, at reduced rates, hosted by Willow Creek Country Club, Inc.

E. Invitation to EXCLUSIVE tournaments, only for MEMBERS, hosted by Willow Creek Country Club, Inc.

F. You may reserve use of our BANQUET ROOM, at member rates.

G. If, as a current member- in good standing with the club- you refer a friend, and they become a member, you will receive $100 off your next years dues. (Limited to one per year)

H. GOLD CARD members pay NO CART FEE or GREEN FEE. It is all included in your yearly membership. (tournaments excluded)

I.  Maintenance of your handicap, for all valid scorecards submitted to the pro-shop from Willow Creek, or any other course that is listed in the Handicap Manager program. 



Individual                                                                 Regular - $500          Gold Card - $1050

Individual Senior (age 65+)                                                   - $400                           - $ 950

Family                                                                                  - $600                               N/A

Family Senior (age 65+)                                                         - $500                              N/A

Junior/Student (age 16 to 21)                                                - $150                              N/A

** Applicants may request a SPLIT PAYMENT OPTION, 50% due Mar 1, 50% due September 1.  This must be approved by the Board of Directors. A late payment charge of $25 will be added if 2nd payment is not received September 1. Late payment will also suspend privileges, until such time that dues are received by the club. This will include payment of non-member rates for cart and green fees. Information on Application for Membership supersedes any information listed on this web-site.

All applicants must accept the following: If accepted for membership; "I will abide by all Club Rules and Regulations. Failure to abide may result in immediate termination of Membership and forfeiture of Membership dues and privileges." **