First conceived in the mid 1950's, Willow Creek came into existence in September 1964. This course, which was once a farm, lays claim to the only full length 9 hole course in the Roanoke region. Now in its mature state, the course is lined with many tall pines and has a cozy feel on our 75 acre property.  The yardage ranges from 2,311 yards for junior players to 2,947 if playing from the tips.

The course offers three par 3's, a little bit of sand (in the wrong places), water (just when you don't want it) and out of bounds on 4 of the 9 holes. Here is a first look at what to expect when you play our course.

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Hole #1, par 4- Ranging from 320 to 375 yards, this hole has a good elevation drop to start, and a distinctive look from each tee box. An uphill 2nd shot to a small green, guarded by an ever present bunker on the left.

WC 2 green June 2015-2.jpg

Hole #2, par 4- The shortest par 4 on the course.  While the pond is visible from the tee, the two bunkers are not!  This hole can bring a big number, if you try to do too much.

WC hole 3 2016.jpg

Hole #3,par 4- A well-executed tee shot will give you the best look to this demanding hole.  The fairway is 20 yards wide unless you hit your best drive. For many players your 2nd shot is blind over a menacing hill. Playing from the upper tees requires a forced carry (150+ yards) over the creek to hit the fairway.

WC 4 green June 2015.jpg

Hole #4, par 3- This is the smallest green on the course. Six tee areas allow this hole to range from 95 to 225 yards. OB is to the right!

WC 5 green June 2015.jpg

Hole #5, par 4- Rated the #1 handicap hole on the course, long hitters should use less than driver to avoid trees, and a pond. A precise tee shot is rewarded with a good look at the green. The 2nd shot is all carry to the largest green on the course. Some members suggest clubbing down 2 for the 2nd shot.

WC 6th hole 2014.jpg

Hole #6, par 3- Two bunkers guard this green, and trees line both sides of the hole. Red and gold tees range at 135 to 147 yards. White and blue range from 180 to 195 yards.

WC 7 Green.jpg

Hole #7, par 5 - A short par 5 on the card, most times you will play this hole in 3 shots.  This dogleg right fairway falls away to the left and a large bunker guards the green. OB is in play on the right.

WC 8 green 2016.jpg

Hole #8, par 3- A very open hole, with 2 small bunkers.  Alignment is important. This is at the highest point on the course, and most exposed to the elements. Missing the green can create difficulties with an up and down for par.

WC 9 green June 2015.jpg

Hole #9, par 5- A 500+ yard par 5, both times around for white and blue tees. 400+ from red and gold. A good tee shot is critical to have a chance to get home in 3 shots. Two creeks intersect the fairway. Finally you must get to an elevated green. For the average golfer, pat yourself on the back if you make par or birdie.