We are happy to release the schedule of events for Mixed Couples.  It is about as straight forward as you can get, in a Captains Choice event. All events start at 2 pm of the scheduled Sunday event.  It is a great opportunity to relax and meet new folks!


Event dates for:

Mixed Couples (WC event)  April 22, 2018. The first event of the year! Might be spring showers, but that will be okay!!

Mixed Couples (WC event)  May 20, 2018

Mixed Couples (WC event)  July 1st, 2018 - This is a new date. Please make note!!

Mixed Couples (WC event)  July 29, 2018

Mixed Couples (WC event)  August 19, 2018

Mixed Couples (WC event)  Sept 30, 2018

Mixed Couples (WC event)  October 14, 2018

There are no rain dates for these events.  If there is a question, please contact the clubhouse at (540)-483-0797.

One additional event, we would like to share with you, is a new tournament event that may interest you.  Tentatively scheduled in August is our first PAR 3 event. More information will be coming as we get nearer to the event date.